Davao Burgers at its finest

About Us

Backyard Burgers was brought to life from Passion and LOVE for good home-made grilled burgers. For what has first started in our own backyard (or more like front yard), is now available for everybody to Enjoy. We have a lot of respect for our bodies and the food we put in it, so we have to ensure that the food we serve is aligned with that philosophy. Made with all fresh ingredients, Backyard Burgers aim to show the community that affordable food can also be hearty, healthy, fresh and top quality.

Backyard Burgers take pride in our made to order “Create Your Own Burger” Burgers. As burger fanatics ourselves, We know that everyone has their own favorites and want different toppings in our burgers, so here we are – giving you that! At BB, you are the master of your own burger. Of course we also have tried and tested specialties that you may also want to try. Come on in and try what you fancy.

We invite our friends and neighbors to come into our backyard and enjoy home-cooked freshness and goodness at Backyard Burgers :)

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