Davao Burgers at its finest

The Signature Burger Love Affair by pnklly

Note: Thanks to “pnklly” for sending this to us :)

As far back as I can remember, my love for burgers started on that one tiring afternoon. I was wandering on the streets of Quirino looking for a job. Many hours passed, still no luck. I became very hungry. There were lots of food chains around but my taste buds found their menu (not the paper) too familiar. Then, I saw a new signboard that read: Backyard Burger.

“Something’s grilling,” I told myself. “It smells like A-class meat”. The smell was very inviting, so I went inside. I sat down and read the menu (this time it’s the paper). I called out an order for a “BB Signature Burger”, and received an accommodating smile from one of their servers. The service was snappy; “I wonder, about the quality…”

Within a few minutes my burger was served.

Then it was just me and the BB Signature Burger. The Burger’s meat looks very good. The buns were unique; there were healthy black Sesame seeds on top of it. The vegetables were a perfect picture of freshness. It was a beautiful portrait of how a burger should look like. Seriously!

Then the bite.

The patty was sumptuously grilled and the cheddar cheese, oh how it creamily melted inside my mouth. While the lettuce made crispy musical notes, I felt those flavorful buttered garlic mushrooms dancing. The bacon and Yakiniku, they were perfect! Then suddenly, a sweet tangy splash inside my mouth – yes, it’s the tomatoes and onions oozing with their fresh juices!

Pooft! On that day, I found no job, but I found life

If you want to know what I mean then, visit Backyard Burgers at Ecoland Phase 1 or Elpidio Quirino Ave, Davao City.

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